Hairstyle Trends For Spring & Summer 2018

Hairstyle trends for Spring & Summer 2018 included a mix of classic and edgy styles, with a focus on natural texture, effortless waves, and bold colors.


Here are some of the top hairstyle trends for that season:

1. Blunt Bob: The blunt bob was a popular haircut trend, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid sporting the look. The bob was cut straight across the bottom, just above the shoulders, for a sleek and modern look.
2. Natural Texture: Many people embraced their natural texture, whether it was curls, waves, or kinky coils. The key was to enhance and define the natural texture, rather than trying to tame or straighten it.
3. Effortless Waves: Loose, beachy waves were a popular hairstyle for Spring & Summer 2018. This look was achieved with a curling wand or flat iron, and then brushed out for a soft and natural-looking finish.
4. Bold Colors: Bright and bold hair colors were a popular trend, with shades like atinum blonde, pastel pink, and fiery red being popular choices. Some people opted for a full head of color, while others chose to add pops of color with highlights or ombre effects
5. Half-Up/Half-Down: The half-up/half-down hairstyle was a popular choice, with many variations to suit different hair lengths and textures. This style was great for keeping hair out of the face while still showing off length and volume.
6. Low Ponytail: The low ponytail was a simple yet stylish hairstyle that was popular for Spring & Summer 2018. This look was achieved by gathering hair at the nape of the neck and securing it with a hair tie, for a sleek and sophisticated look.